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What We Are

We give unbiased, no-conflict-of-interest, honest advice. We help our clients build their net worth while keeping their values intact. We offer attentive service and solutions that are tailored to each person's unique needs. We work with people who want to build a long-term relationship with a financial advisor who cares about their future. Our client's success is our success.

What We Are Not

We don't sell financial products on commission. We don't believe in get-rich-quick schemes. We're not insurance agents. We're not stockbrokers. We don't ignore assets we're not managing and we don't offer boilerplate solutions.



Our Team

Penny Marchand, CFP®, EA

Senior Advisor/Principal

Alicia Klein, CFP®, EA

Tax Preparer, Investment Advisor

Cole McClarren, CFP®, EA

Tax Preparer, Investment Advisor

Rebecca Morin

Accounting Manager

Bonnie Courtney

Operations/Client Manager

Our Services

Cambridge Financial Group, LLC.

We are an independent, fee-only firm in Tucson, AZ dedicated to providing objective, responsible financial planning assistance to a broad range of clients. Our compensation comes entirely from client fees. We do not receive commissions or other financial compensation for any products or services that we recommend.


Cash Flow Management

We will help you develop a spending plan that will ensure you're not living above your means. You will then be able to anticipate and meet funding needs in areas such as your children's education, retirement and other long-term goals.  


Education Funding

We can help you explore and analyze the numerous options available for funding education, such as UGMA accounts, Educational IRAs, 529 plans and employee benefit plans.  


Estate Planning

We will review your estate planning needs, existing wills and trusts and recommend steps you can take to maximize the benefits to your heirs while minimizing the tax liability on your legacy.


Employee Benefits

We can provide strategies for exercising stock options, maximizing the tax benefits of flexible spending accounts and achieving an effective balance of retirement accounts and taxable investments.


Retirement Planning

Retirement planning has two phases; accumulation and actual retirement. During the accumulation phase we assist clients in setting goals and implementing strategies to meet them. We help our retired clients enjoy the lifestyle they’ve earned.



After reviewing your current policies, we can offer unbiased judgment on whether they meet your needs. If additional policies are warranted, we can suggest options objectively, since we do not sell any products. 


Investment Advisory Services

Our foremost concern is your success, not product sales. We will use our expertise to develop an effective investment strategy designed to reach your objectives while reflecting your tolerance for risk.



Tax Planning & Preparation

We prepare your personal income taxes and provide you with professional tax-planning advice year-round. By teaching you how to reduce your taxes, tax savings often offset our annual retainer fee.

Open Retainer

An Open Retainer provides holistic/comprehensive financial planning for a fixed fee over the course of one year. Services provided may include, but are not limited to: tax preparation, tax planning, insurance review, inventory of assets, analysis of financial goals, portfolio analysis, development of an asset allocation strategy, no-load mutual fund recommendations, retirement planning and estate plan reviews. More info


EdgeAhead is designed for Young Professionals who have important financial questions, but do not have the assets to warrant a full-time financial advisor. More info: WebsiteProgram ContractOne-Time Review

Financial Review

Financial Reviews consist of two-hours of appointment time and concentrate on specific topics of interest to the client. More info






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